That one I see eyes: Opinions and Imaginings from Ward 12

The Victoria Park ward is made up of quite distinct communities that do not have much cross over between each other. Elena worked with a variety of groups that geographically spanned the ward. She decided early in the residency that she would facilitate similar creative activity with each of the groups, as this would bring a connection and continuity between the people taking part, as well as giving a structure for collection of ideas and opinions.

The bulk of creative activity revolved around pinhole camera photography and screen printing. People were invited to build their own individual pinhole camera, using 35mm film. This meant that each person had 24–36 exposures to take away and document things that were important to them in their lives. This created a body of well over 1000 photographs. It was these photographs that became the centre of conversation and inspiration to design stencils for screen printing.

Each individual had the opportunity to design their own screen, but these came together to produce one large collaborative artwork. Around 100 people collaborated to print the 20m wall covering, a unique textile that is both made by and for Ward 12: Victoria Park. These works were also made into a short publication.

“These photographs were taken in an instant, a moment
caught in time. These photographs are works of art
and make our small worlds bigger, endless”